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Paragon Pomeranians in Northern California 

pomeranian, puppy, akc, teddy bear

Moms, Dads, Grandparents

Moms and Dads and Grandparents Moms and Dads and Grandparents Honey Honey 8lbs and is orange with cream markings. She is an energetic, athletic girl and is a very good protective Mummy. She is extremely affectionate and loves to please. 196671871 Paddington Paddington, he weighs 5lbs and is an orange sable. Such a sweet loveable guy, 201251390 Teddy Teddy is my foundation male after a bath and grooming, he weighs 8lbs. He is such a clown and always makes me laugh TEDDY IS RETIRED 196058907 Blue Blue is 8lbs and is a blue merle. She loves to be cuddled and gives lots of kisses 203091589 Sugar Sugar is very outgoing and loves to run around the property like a wild horse. she is very good and does come as soon as I call her back. She is very affectionate and a wonderful Mummy. She weighs 8lbs 196683846 CoCo Coco, she is 6lbs and is an orange sable. She loves being a mom and will steal the others girls babies if she can. She loves to be cuddled and kissed Registered name is Little Rocking Lizzie but I call her Coco. Lizzie is too close to my name Lindsey lol 203091591 Bear Bear is 7lbs and he has an adorable teddy bear face and He is such a loveable boy and loves to be groomed and fussed over. 204214835 Pearl Pearl weighs 7 lbs and is Coco and Paddington's daughter. She is sweet and loves everyone 205730479 Bear Is a sweet sensitive boy. He loves cuddles and his girls 205731207 Coco 205731208 Jelly Jelly is 7lbs. Her parents are Honey and Roco and her grandparents are Teddy and Gracie She loves everyone and is very affectionate 205731209 Jelly 205731211 Boo Bear She looks like a teddy bear and is absolutely adorable, loving and beautiful She weighs 9.5lbs 206165395 Chanel Her Mom is Coco and she has inherited Coco's wonderful temperament and looks She weighs 9.5lbs 206165397